About Us!

Some of you know me from my Three Fates Design Blog.  I make beadwoven art and lampwork beads.  I also work as a research assistant/lab manager at the University.  I work in a Oncology research lab at the School of Veterinarian Medicine.  I love my job and I am so very happy I found it.

I also create one of a kind beadwork.  I mostly focus on jewelry, but have been branching out as of late.  I also have discovered the art of glasswork, and have been lampworking for a few years now.  My glass studio is currently nonfunctional, so I'll just have to wait until we get a house to melt more glass.  You can check out all the good stuff I'm working on here on my other blog.

J is my boyfriend of 8 years.  We have been together since I was in college and have never looked back.  He is the love of my life.

He is a mechanical engineer and works on things all day long that I don't even pretend to comprehend.  I mostly just image that he uses a calculator that makes the noises, "beeb, boop, beep" all day.  But he is good at what he does and I'm super proud of him.   He's currently in his second year of grad school (while working full time).  I can't put into words how proud of him I am.

He is also involved heavily in the local music scene.  He was the lead guitar for Four Aspirin Morning and is currently involved with Blank Face Records.  He loves music and loves playing, so this is a great thing for him.

He also builds his own amp and speaker cases as well as works on cars.  Well I did say he was a mechanical engineer, what do you think he did in his spare time.

  Yoda is our newest addition to the family.  She is our little puggy baby.  She had a pretty difficult puppy hood (she had a liver problem that was making her sick) and we weren't sure if she would make it.  But she is just as feisty as always.  And it's almost been a year now since her surgery and she has made a full recovery.  She is a small little girl, weighing in at only 9 pounds, but she never lets her size get in the way.  She's full of spunk and sass.

I like to share pictures of Yoda a lot because she's so damn cute and well who wouldn't love that face.  She also is an attention whore and well pose for any camera in site.  Expect to see a lot of Yoda over our journey.

Then there are her sisters, Toonces and Nacho.  Nacho is a little tortie that we've had since we started dating.  I got her our first Christmas together.  My mom brought her over in her coat pocket she was so little.

Toonces is a large tabby we got a few years ago from a friend.  She is a very large cat and towers over both Nacho and Yoda.  She's become a little bit of a couch, or should I say window, potato since we moved.  She loves a good nap in the sun.

And that is our little family.  We are extremely happy and wouldn't change our lives for anything.  We're excited to get some of the major renovations out of the way so we can focus on the more fun ones.