Monday, February 20, 2012

Laundry Room - Take 2

So we have been so busy with the kitchen that I forgot to show you some pictures of the progress on the laundry room.  We had J's uncle come over a few months ago to help us clean up some of the plumbing down there and install the new sink.

And this is where we are today.  I painted the walls with left over paint (score one for not spending a penny on paint).  We took out the mess of copper pipes.  We put in a new sink.  Not a whole bunch, but it looks better then it did before.

Let's all reminisce about what it looked like.

Oh god.  I'm sorry I had to do that, but that's what we look at every time we did laundry.  Okay, lets not look at that any more.  It's giving me a headache.

So as stated before, we replaced all the copper (that mess of copper pipe) with some brand new pex.  We also replaced the valves for the washing machine.  It looks so much better then what was in there.

We also replaced the old wash tub with this pretty girl.  We picked it up at Menard's, it was a closeout item, so we got it for a great price.  It looks so much nicer down there then just an old plastic tub.  Now there is plenty that still need to be done.  The washing machine drain will be plumbed right into, well, the plumbing, so no more ugly, messy hose into the sink.  We also need to re-run the hose for the water softener (that's the small black hose).  We're looking into options for that.  We also need to notch the bottom drawer out.  Right now it hits the waste drain, so just a small little section out of the back and it will close completely.  And then I need to find a cute little jar to put my homemade laundry soap in.

Then I decided I wanted to add a little something to the walls.  I mean it's a laundry room, I could be a little adventurous with the decor.  So I started a little mural.  I'm going to finish it up after we add the cabinets to the wall (sounds like a trip to the ReStore).  And yes, I did sponge paint the walls.  I was a little scared that it would look too 1990s, but I think I like it.  The different shades of paint hide the fact that it's just concrete panted, so all the little imperfections of the wall are hidden.  And well, anything was better then that pepto bismol pink that was on the wall.

I'm also trying to figure out if I can do something with the breaker box.  It sticks out like a sore thumb, so I might paint it as well.  I'm not sure.  I also have to figure out what to do with the litter box that is below all of this.  I didn't think you needed a picture of that, your welcome.  One of our cats refuses to use a covered box, so I have to figure out a clever way to hide it that she will still use it.

And then there is this.  The ceiling.  My plan is to make fabric panels that are on rods.  That way all the plumbing is still accessible, but I don't have to look at it.  I'm waiting to do this until we finish up the plumbing.  There are a few more things that we need to fix before I start covering it up.

Let's look at it again.  So much better then before.  Still a few things that need to be done, but a huge improvement from before.   

Let's look at that list,
  • Replace the copper pipes with pex
    • By replacing the pipes we can rerun a lot of them and clean up the space
  • Replace the utility sink with a new one with a vanity
  • Finish painting the walls
  • Texture the walls (hopefully will make them look less like cement basement walls)
  • Put in flooring (probably just vinyl)
  • Paint the doors
  • Figure out what to do with the ceiling (probably fabric panels)
  • Maybe figure out a way to hid the litter box and still have Toonces use it 
  • Put up wall storage/shelves

We only have a few things left to do with this room.  We're going to run up the ReStore and pick up a cabinet for above the sink, no one can complain about more storage.  Then we have to decide what to do with the floor.  I wanted to do a paper bag floor (we had one in our first apartment and I loved it), but J doesn't think it's a good idea for a laundry room.  Then we need to borrow J's dad's sprayer to paint the doors.   But for now I'm happy with what we have done so far.

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