Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's been how long????

Wow, I haven't updated this blog for over two months.  What have I been thinking?  I need to get back on this.  So I'm going to try and be a little better and update this blog at least once a week for now.  I'll start updating more once we start back up with big projects (when J's back on break).

So what have we been up to these last couple months?  Well lets see.  We took a little break over Christmas.  No big projects this year, just a lot of traveling all over the state.  Which was okay.

We also had the tree in the back yard cut down.  And right after it was cut down, we got a huge snow storm, so now it's stuck under the snow.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, bu the yard bunnies are happy with the feast we've provided them.  I think even the wild animals will be happy when spring comes.

We've planned out and purchased all the oak for our home bar.  Which we will be starting soon, so I'll make sure to update on that.  I'm excited to get to work on it.

We had our appliances serviced.  Just their one year check up.  They checked out okay.  Apparently someone spilled pop on the dishwasher control panel (I'm not sure how that happened), and that's what's been causing all our problems.  So the repair guy cleaned it and told us if it starts acting up again, he'll come back out and replace the circuit board.

He also sent us a replacement refrigerator seal.  Apparently the seals on the French door fridges can have problems with tearing, so he said to keep the replacement handy just in case.  Unfortunately, we now have to store this large box.  Oh well, it's better then having the seal break and not having one.

We had a new digital water meter installed.  This was a huge headache, but it's over with, so I'm happy.  I'll do a full blog post on that soon.  Ugh.

Let's see, what else has changed around the house.  Oh yeah, I made a couple of sweater pillows.  These were made using sweaters I picked up at the thrift store for a couple of bucks each.  I just cut out squares and sewed them together.  I love the cardigan one, it's so cute.

Hmmm, I know a few other things changed around here over the last couple months, but I  can't think of them now.  I guess I'll have to do a second update when I think of them ;-)  

So we've busy, just not with big projects.  I think we needed a break after the last two projects.  We were pretty worn out.  But I think we're ready to start a few new things.  J's semester is a little bit lighter this time around, so we should be able to accomplish a few of the smaller projects we have planned.

Check back to see how our bar is coming along and don't forget about our three season porch, there are a lot of changes happening out there.

So what has everyone else been up to?  We have so much catching up to do. :-)

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Anonymous said...

That's certainly understandable! I feel like I tend to take breaks while I am doing projects though- lol. I just realized I didn't read blogs at all last week because I've been busy painting the kitchen cabinets! It happens. Looking forward to hearing about your updates soon!