Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Here, A Little There

So our list of things around the house seems to be growing, but we just don't seem to be crossing anything off.  I know, I know we were sick for over a month, and J's band had a million shows last month, and I have two large beady projects that need to be finished.  But, I still am a little sad because not a lot has gotten done around the house. 

The weather is finally starting to pick up a bit and the temps are starting to show signs of spring and summer.  We did finally get our butts to the home improvement store and pick up some shovels, rakes, plants, etc, etc.  Hey, we didn't have these things called trees at our last place.  The whole raking leaves thing is a foreign idea to us.  We started cleaning up the yard and planning a little bit of landscaping, but we're trying to hold off on the big projects for a while.  Just to try and save a little money this summer.

I did manage to make it to two different farmers markets, a thrift store, as well as Hobby Lobby (which isn't hard, it's 5 min from our house) this weekend.  I picked up some yummy spicy cheese bread, smoked Gouda, flowers, an old school Betty Crocker Cookbook, some LPs for J's man cave, and some wreath making supplies.

I put together this wreath Saturday afternoon.  I wanted something simple, but pretty for the front door.  It's just a grape vine wreath with some faux flowers and some fun bead stems.  The best part was everything was on sale.  This wreath cost me less then $10 to make.  Yeah, that's pretty awesome.  Even J likes it, which I wasn't sure how thrilled he would be with a wreath on the door.  He actually thought I bought it premade, which made me happy, because I guess I might have a little bit of talent for throwing some crap on a wreath and making it presentable.  So we're both happy with it and it sort of hide the hideous door.

I'm also making some progress on our art wall in the living room.  I only plan on adding two or so more picture frames to the mix, but I haven't found any I like (oh damn, I guess I'll have to force myself to go to more thrift stores).  I've started to add a few other things here and there.  The top thing is a rod iron trivet I picked up last month.  The little fleur de lis hook at the bottom I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off this last weekend.  I also have two letters that need to go up there, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to hang them, so they are sitting on the entertainment center for now. 

This is not the artwork that is going to stay in these.  I just grabbed anything I could find to fill the frames.  We plan on going through our photos and getting them printed in black and white.  But, I want to wait until I get all the frames and mat board before I order pictures.  Hopefully these will be filled with family moments before the end of summer.

We are also planning on building a little side table for this wall to go under the art.  Just a simple design that will match the sofa table we are also going to build.  Then I can put my fun lamp I picked up months ago as well as some of the candle holders I've been hording.  Then hopefully this room will be almost complete.  I can't wait to see it all finished.   

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