Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen Redo - Almost There???

Ugh, what a crappy picture.  It's sort of embarrassing to show off our kitchen when the house is that big of a mess, but that's how renovating works.  Look at how different our home looks when you walk in the front door. A total change from only a month ago.    

Here's a reminder if you don't remember what it looked like before we started this "much larger then expected" project.  It looks so much better then this.  So much more open.

We still have plenty to do, but we're on our way.  The lighting needs to be done; we're thinking of putting can lights in and then some nice industrial looking hanging lights over the sink.  I can't wait to get the lighting in, yay!

And look at that pretty tiled floor.  I'm really loving this groutable vinyl tile.  Lets hope it stands up to the test of time. It has really helped in brightening the room up.  And the color is so pretty.  I'm in love.

But I do have to say the flexible grout was interesting to use.  It was very dry and sandy, but it was the product the tile manufacture recommended, so that's what we used.  We had to modify our grout applying technique a little bit, but we managed.  We also let the tile sit for 48 hour before using it or moving the appliances back, even if the bucket said 24.  We just wanted to be sure.      

Now we just need to finish tiling the corner of the kitchen, and I need to get my but going on staining the cabinets.  I don't want to stare at the inside of the cabinets forever.  The weather is supposed to be in the 70s this weekend, so perfect weather for staining, now I just have to convince myself I want to do it. :-)

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