Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - Ceiling

Our Kitchen remodel is coming along. It's slow going, but it's still moving ahead, which is the important part. I have the upper cabinets all stained and ready for poly. This took a little bit longer then planned, but it was a learning process. I think I've got down gel staining and I've ready to take on the rest of the cabinets. That's this weeks project.

Over the weekend though, I finally got around to painting the kitchen ceiling.  Now it's pretty hard to see in this picture, but our kitchen was blue (big surprise there since 90% of the rooms in the house were blue).  Now I'm all for a painted ceiling, but I'm trying to brighten up the kitchen as much as possible.  We don't get a ton of light in the kitchen, so it needs all the help it can get.

So cue the white ceiling.  I know, I know, a boring white ceiling, but I think it will definitely work.  This is after coat one of the white.  It needed two coats to cover up the blue.  It's still wet in this picture, so that's what all the reflective glossiness (is that a word) is.  And another reason why it got a make over.  I seems like flat paint and gloss paints were the previous owners preference.  Now both have their place, but I'm just not a fan of a room painted in gloss.  It's just too much.

 Ahh, that's much better.  A nice crisp white ceiling (again, it's still wet).  I might change it up a bit when we start putting in the crown molding, go with a nice warm color to contrast with the white molding, but for now it really brightens up the room.  There is plenty more that needs to be done, but it's smaller things that can be done over the course of the next few weeks.   

I can't wait for it to be done.  It already looks so different in there, so much more updated, so much more our style.  I'll continue with the latte color on the walls and white trim.  Then it's back-splash time.  Glass tile, stainless tile, or ceramic tile?!?!  Decisions, decisions.  Oh and then new lighting.  I can't wait for new lighting.  :-)

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