Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ideas for fall decorating

I was going to share some pictures of our progress in the kitchen, but my pictures turned out horrible last night.  I hope I can get better ones soon because I can't wait for you guys to see what we've done.  So instead of that I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas for fall decorating.  I can't wait to get the house done enough that decorating is a priority.

A few of my favorite pumpkin ideas.

Lauren Conrad
I love the lace pumpkin.  This is so pretty and so easy to do.  I think I saw this on the BHG website, but I can't remember.  There is a link above to the blog I got this picture from.

God is Able
I also love how cute these pumpkins are.  Such a simple idea to etch little flowers in them and they are suitable decor for all fall.  Love it.  I again think I saw these on the BHG website, but the link above takes you to the blog that I pinned from.     

Sassy Bella Melange
And last but not least is this little guy.  I love this one because it reminds me of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.  And the pop of color with the flowers is fun. I think next year I might try something like this for the sofa table or something. Now I know it's sort or late for Halloween decorations (since Halloween is next Monday), but I love these ideas so much I thought I would share. And I just wanted to say that I'm very much enjoying Pinterest because it allows me to keep all these great ideas (as well as others) in one place. If you haven't checked it out, you should. It's a great tool for the creative; now I don't have to have 100s of pictures saved on my desktop.  And you can check out (and follow if you so desire) my pins HERE (nothing like a little self promotion).

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