Monday, October 31, 2011

Kitchen Update

This is how we feel most of the time. 

But we are making a ton of progress on our kitchen.  I am tempted to say we are nearing the end of the road.  We only have a few things (okay, by few I mean a LOT) left to do and we will have a fully functional, updated kitchen.  Can I get a woot, woot?

Here is a little reminder of what our kitchen use to look like. 
A crappy picture of our crappy kitchen.  Well it really wasn't crappy, it was just dated and had a lot of unused space.

And here is a picture of it now.

Looks a hell of a lot better doesn't it?  I mean we still have some work to do, but what a difference.

What we did
  • Sanded and stained the cabinets a dark walnut color using gel stain (this stuff is fantastic)
  • Painted the walls Latte (from Sherman Williams)
  • Painted the ceiling 
  • Replaced the "parquet" flooring with a new groutable vinyl
  • Took out the corner china cabinet and folding breakfast bar
  • Built a free standing counter and storage shelves
  • Painted the inside of the cabinets a dark grey color
  • Replaced the old knobs with brushed stainless ones
  • Put up a temporary pantry
  • Replaced the plate rail with a subtle trim
  • Replaced the crown
What we still need to do
  • Finish staining the cabinets
  • Replace the tile backsplash
  • Finish the bookshelf
  • Replace the lights (new light over the sink and recessed lights)
  • Paint the inside of the cabinets
  • Build a built in pantry
  • Move the refrigerator
  • Paint the trim
  • Replace the outlet covers
  • Crown molding
  • Get new appliances
  • Put up bead-board

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