Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013 Goals

J is almost done with this semester of school, which means he's half way done with his masters,  WooHoo!  It also means we will have more time to focus on projects around the house.  This year we've decided we are going to paint the house, do the patio, and organize the whole house.  But let's not get too far ahead of our selves, what are our goals for this month?

1.  Install lights over the bar

We bought these really cool pendent lights at the ReStore.  They have a cool vintage feel to them.  We thought about painting them, but we might leave them.  They kinda go with the whole feel we're going for down here.  I guess we'll see what the month brings.

2.  Clean up the back yard

We had the large tree (that was dying) felled last winter, but then we got a ton of snow, so this baby just sat there.  Now it's time to pick up the tree, get rid of the smaller branches, and cut up the rest for our future fire pit.

3.  Plant some flowers

This is my goal every spring, get as many lovely flowers planted as possible.  I love the colors and I love the way the house looks with pretty flowers everywhere.

4.  Get the garden started

So I've already started some seed in my garden, but I have two more raised beds that need attention.  Our goal is to get the other two beds filled with plants by mid month.

5.  Start designing the backyard patio/deck

We're pretty sure we'll be going with a deck and we would like to start planning it so we can get it started ASAP.  I guess we better start getting our measurements started.    

6.  Get ready for my first art show of the season

This one isn't really house related, but it's still an important one.  I'm getting back into doing art shows again and I would like to redo all of my displays and set up.  There will be a few projects that stem from this.

So that is what we want to accomplish this month.  Let's hope we can get all this done and more.  Fingers crossed.  What is everyone else up to this month?  Are you also starting gardening type projects?

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