Monday, July 22, 2013

It's sure is sunny in here.

Okay so it has been quite a long time since I posted on here.  It's not entirely my fault.  I've been having problems with Chrome ever since I updated Windows.  So for the last two weeks I've been devoting a few hours a day to trying to get it to work.  But I finally gave in and just switched back to Firefox for now.  Maybe someday Chrome will work for me again.
But in the mean time, I have been working my little butt off trying to get the sun room finished up.  You might remember that I primed it last summer.  So it's looked like this for months and months.

It was the catch all room.  All of our junk got thrown in here, as you can see above.  Bikes, half finished projects, in progress projects, boxes, old furniture.  You name it, it was in here.  And every time we would clean it out, it would only stay clean for a week or so, then it looked like this again.  Blah.

But no more.  We picked out paint and I was determined for this to be my first project I finished.  I wanted this done!

We went with a lovely pale yellow.  It's so pretty out there.  I was a little worried when I started painting.  I was worried it was too buttery, but now that it's on the wall I'm in love.

There are still a few things out there that need to find a home; like the bike and the car seats, but over all it's looking pretty nice out there.

We even bought some furniture for out there.  As you can see the little pug has claimed her spot.

I still have to finish up some trim and patch some holes and then do some touch ups, but it's about 80% done.  The next project is to measure and make curtains for all of those windows.  That is going to be a project.

And here's a reminder of what the porch looked like when we moved in, just to show you the progress we've made.

It's quite a difference. But now we love sitting out on the porch enjoying the outside with out actually being out there.  Don't judge, the mosquitoes have been awful this year.  I like to get up early and sit out here and bead, it's just so lovely. 

Now to think of accent colors and get to decorating.  Yay!!!

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