Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden Update - July 2013

Well I've been slacking with posts again.  I mean this is the July garden update in August. Ugh.  I don't have much of an excuse except that I've been a busy girl.  I've also had a killer migraine that I wish would just go away, but I think it might be here to stay for a while.  Yuk.

But I do have a garden update (the sun kept going behind clouds, so some of the pictures are sunny and some are not).  You can see what the plants looked like a month ago by clicking here.  

First up are the broccoli and kohlrabi.  They are really starting to get big.  I'm not sure if the broccoli are getting big enough to produce actual broccoli, but I'm still holding out hope (they are in front).  Everything had to be started so late this year, that nothing is growing like it should.  But I'll keep holding out hope that I'll get some broccoli this year.  I hope to at least get some kohlrabi (the purple and green ones in the back).  Fingers crossed.

Then my sad looking snow peas.  Last month they were healthy and large.  Then I got too rough with them and broke two of the larger plants main stalk, which caused them to die and me to cut them down.  Sad face.  But I have gotten a LOT of snow peas so far, so I guess I'm happy.

My lettuce was attacked by something, but I cut it back and it's starting to grow back.  I've also started a third section of it and because it grows so fast, I'll have new fresh lettuce in a month or so.  Oh, and just to let you know, this stuff tastes amazing.

 My basil plant is still doing well.  I've cut it back a few times and been making and freezing pesto.
 It's yummy.  I cut it back the day before this picture was taken, so it looks a little small. 

I also added a Greek basil plant.

Some rosemary.  This stuff smells so good.  The smell stays on my hands for hours after I touch it.

And I added some sage.  I don't really use a lot of sage in my cooking, but I thought maybe I would try it.  Why not.  

My tomato plants and pepper plants are growing, but at a pretty slow pace.

The Juliet tomatoes are definitely doing the best.  But the colder weather is just not being very nice to them (It got down in to the 50s last weekend).  I have gotten two yellow boys, one black krim, and a ton of Juliets, so it hasn't been a total failure.

My pepper plants seem to be growing now, they just wanted to take their time.  They have buds on them, so I'm hoping to get something out of them.

The carrots seem to be doing pretty good.  It looked like something had gotten to them, but they are still growing.  These are going to be great.  I can't wait to see the purple carrots.

My parsley had started to flower, so I had to cut it down a lot!  But it's hardy and will grow back.  It always does.

The mint is crazy, like always.  I just cut it back and brought a ton of mint to work.  I've been enjoying it in my water with a little bit of lime.

I've also propagated four plants from this guy.  One plant went to a guy at work and another went to my MIL.  The other two will go up on the deck (which is almost ready to be started, squee).

And remember how I had to restart me cucumbers and zucchini three times because of the slugs.  Well look at where that little fresh out of the ground sprout is today.  In just one month, I now have three cucumber plants and two zucchini plants.

Okay, I bought two of the cucumber plants because I wasn't sure if I would get anything, but the one I started from seed is doing awesome.  It also shows me that when I start me plants from seeds I get nicer looking results.  I can't wait for these babies.  Oh the pickles I will make.       

So that's the garden right now.  It's not as full as it could be, but it's something.  The strange weather we've been having (or is it normal weather, I can't tell), has not been kind to my little plants.  Hot and humid one week and then cold and overcast the next.  With sporadic downpours here and there.

I'm a little jealous of the neighbors garden.  This is her first year with one, and it looks pretty nice.  Though she did start with much larger plants then I did, so she had a bit of a head start.  Next year will be better because I'll make sure to start me seeds early.  The plants I grow from seeds always do better then when I start with store bought plants.  And I feel pretty excited when something I planted as a seed grows into a large plant.

Check back next month to see what the garden looks like at three months old.

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