Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kitchen Redo - Demo

We started demo on our first day of vacation, okay, our second day.  J had a gig on the first day.  But you get the idea.  We made short work of demo and it was bulk pick up that week, so everything was lugged strait to the curb.

Here is that wall without the cabinet and breakfast bar.  So much more room already.  It's wonderful.  I can just picture the refrigerator over there.  And more counter space.  A place to put my stand mixer and bread maker and my dehydrator, okay you get the idea, I have a lot of kitchen gadgets (and I use all of them).

Here's J taking that pesky cabinet out.  Bye-bye cabinet.  Now I don't have to duck to talk to J.  We planned on trying to save the cabinet and move it to the other wall, but our house is older and the cabinets were built in.  So we just had to take it down and get rid of it.  Fortunately the cabinets are simple, so we can make replicates easily. 

Here's what the kitchen is starting to look like without the cabinet.  So much more open then before.  We've thought about hanging the pan rack here, but we're not sure yet.  That's something that can be decided when we're done doing the remodeling part.

Here is that pesky hole with all the trim off.  Yup, the living room was once a bright yellow color.  Oh thank god that it's gone.

Now the dilemma is do we patch the hole or do we open the door way up to that hole.  Hmmmm, it would be nice to do that but a lot more work then we had planned on doing.  We wanted this to be an easy update and not a full remodel.  But a larger door would be oh so nice.  We'll just have to see.  ;-)

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