Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kitchen Redo Started

So J and I took a little "vacation" at the beginning of the month.  I use quotes because it wasn't a real vacation, we took a week off of work to start some of our larger projects.  So we didn't visit any exotic places or sit one white sand beaches, we worked, and worked hard.  J's parents stayed with us and we did get a lot done (entry way).

We started our biggest project to date; the kitchen.  We went back and forth about if we wanted to update the kitchen or the bathroom first.  But in the end we decided to do the kitchen since it's the first room you see when you walk in.

Here is a picture of the first side of the kitchen.  You can see the blue walls and ceiling that need to go, and you can't tell in this picture, but the blue and white cracked tile back splash needs to go as well.  We are sanding and staining the cabinets a nice walnut color.  We're using a gel stain, so that means we don't need to strip the cabinets down to bare wood.  I approve of this method.  The walls are going to be painted the Latte color that the living room and dining room are painted.  And we're going back and forth in weather we want to do a white/off white back splash or a stainless steel one. 

Here is the wall that the most of the work will be done.  The breakfast bar needs to go (you can see that's where I keep my bread maker).  The corner cabinet is history; we don't have china and we want the space for counters and storage.  The lights needs to go.  The doorbell needs to go.  And why the hell is there a hole in the wall at groin height?  Okay the hole is for a land line phone, but again, why is it at groin height, weird.

This cabinet has to go.  It blocks the whole view from the kitchen in to the dining area and living room.  And since we're adding storage on the far wall, I won't be missing this guy.

Here is a view of that cabinet from the front door.  Except for the fridge (which is moving), all you can see is that cabinet (and that damn hole).  If we want a more open concept, it seriously has to go.

Oh and that floor has to go.  The self stick "wood" floor is coming up in multiple places and well, it's just not very pretty.  We're going with a groutable vinyl that is almost a match for the entry way.  We don't want to rip out the floor to the subfloors, so vinyl it is.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of day one; demo, the most fun part of remodeling.  Since we are trying to save as much money as possible, the cabinets will stay and be refinished, the hardware will be painted (god I love to spray paint stuff), the counters will stay (they were put in right before we bought the place, and the sink will stay (again new).  And if we save enough money, we'll get some new appliances; some pretty stainless steel ones.  We've been shopping the scratch and dent sections waiting for something to come along.

I also have plans for that lower cabinet.  Hint, we'll be putting in a small bookcase and some bead board.   

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