Friday, July 29, 2011

The Search for a Table is Over!

So we finally took the plunge and bought a dining room table.  I can't believe it, it's like we're adults or something.  Going to actual furniture stores and buying actual pieces that we won't be throwing over the balcony after finals (I kid, we never did that in college, well at least I didn't).  I just don't know what's wrong with us.

Here is our little dining nook before the table arrived.  We installed those fun hanging lights for over the table, but everyone hits their heads on them without a table.   Side note, we plan on replacing the glass shades on this light with red or brown glass shades.  These were just ones we had and free is good for now.

But I digress.  After a long search through the ads on craigslist and every furniture store we could think of, we've finally found a table to fill that little dining nook. 

Here is the nook from in the living room.  An empty space that needs something to pull everything together.

And you can see in this picture that I hadn't painted the wall yet.  Yoda is supervising, she's more nosy then the cats at times. 

 And here is our new table in the nook. Pretty right?  The sales guy threw in the tufted parsons chairs for free (after our 20% off coupon).  I'm in love, swoon.  

The light is not centered over the table as of right now.  We're debating if we want to swag them to the center or just move the light.  As we thought about it more, none of the lights in our house are centered.  They are all in very interesting places.  Oh well, we can fix that easy enough.

The best part about this table - the leaf.  That means we can have a bunch (okay, maybe not a bunch, but more then two) people over for dinner.  Love it.

That's the table with the leaf in it. We can easily seat 6 people.  Oh how I can't wait to finish up the house and start inviting people over.

And you can see in this picture I've finished painting the living room side of the door way.  Just a few touch ups are needed and that's done.

And here is a picture of the table with some crap on it.  I probably won't leave this set up like this, but it needed something.  Those are my thrift store find silver candle holders and pewter stein.  Gotta love the thrift stores.

My plans are to make a table runner for the center and possibly different place-mats.  And make or get a table cloth to protect our new beauty from any remodeling scars or even rowdy friends in the future.  

J and I haven't enjoyed a meal together at this table yet (hey it's restaurant week here in Mad-town), but we will.  I'm so excited to have this, and it really brings the room together.  Now I'm off  to paint some more of the trim work, see you on the flip side.  

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Coley said...

It's looking great. I love the color of your door!