Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not much going on here!

So I don't have much for the day.  It's been a long week already at work and not much has gotten done around the house.  I've been beading a lot and waiting for J's semester to be finished (which is next week, Yay!) 

As much as I want my studio to be completely done, I just don't have the motivation right now.  I guess I lost steam.

But I did get a shelf painted and put up the other day.  That's something, right?

I'm really loving the bright blue I picked out for the shelves and furniture.  I think it has a nice pop on the light walls.  Now I just need to convince myself to finish painting the rest of the selves so I can get all my beads off my work area. 

In other house news, I'm hoping to get some flowers planted outside and maybe get the top soil delivered in the next couple weeks, so I can transplant my seedlings.  It looks like everything came up, so it's going to be a fantastic summer for produce.  Yay! 

But for now I'm going to go cuddle up on the couch with little pug pug and watch some tv.  Like I said, it's been a long week already. 

Take care and never stop being creative :-)

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