Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Party Planning

How do you feel about party planning?  Do you love to plan the party or does the thought of planning a party make you want to run and hide?  Well I'm one that loves, okay, LOVES, to plan parties.  I love planning and having them, even if I get a little stressed out and crazy, but that's normally just my OCD talking.

We J and I have decided we're having our house warming party this year.  You would think that after owning a house for 18 months, this would have already happened, but it hasn't.  We've just been too busy to have an official party.  So we've decided to set a date, which will give us motivation to get projects done.  Especially those projects that aren't all that fun (going through the boxes and boxes that need to be donated or pulling out the rock "garden").

So as soon as we decided to set a date, I felt that was my go ahead for planning.  Right, yeah, I'm sure that's what J meant.  Actually he's being a pretty good sport.  He hasn't even once told me to drop the subject and he even seems interested in some of my ideas.  And he is the one that suggested I start making lists of cocktails, taking inspiration from some of our favorite bar and restaurants.  He may not be as excited as me, but he is playing along nicely.

I'm using Evernote to keep all my ideas in one place.  I love it, I have it one my computer, my phone, and my work computer (I use it for other things as well).  I can take a note or picture anywhere I get an idea or see some inspiration.  It's wonderful.  This is not a paid endorsement, I just love it.

I also use good ol' Pinterest.  If you can't find decorating ideas or recipes on there, well then you won't find anything anywhere.  I have a board dedicated just to house warming things.    

So what are some of the things I'm thinking about?

I know I want some fantastic outdoor lighting, because as long as the weather is nice, we plan on having almost everything outside or on the porch.

Restoration Hardware
So what about these awesome globe lights from Resturation Hardware?  Nice, right?  But the price range is a little out of budget, so I found the same thing at target for $13.  How awesome.  I can see a few strands hanging from the house to the large red oak out back.  Or maybe between the house and the garage.

I also was thinking of having some lanterns, either hanging or just sitting on the deck.  I love these, but again, they are a little out of budget, so I might try to hit up the thrift stores and see what I can find there.

Restoration Hardware
I did find my great copper lantern last year at a thrift store, so maybe I'll luck out again this year.

Or we can make some of these.

Erik's Recycled Wine Bottle Torch
Oh my, do I love these wine bottle torches.  They look so much nicer then the bamboo tiki torches.  I had nice copper torches at one time, but we had a tornado move through, and they were gone.  Don't worry the tornado missed us, but there was still a lot of wind.  Also that was almost 8 years ago.  But this website has the instructions on how to make some yourself.  I don't care, we will be making some of these.

I also can't wait to try this idea I saw in Better Homes and Gardens, individual cocktails in mason jars.  OH MY!

This is why we're making lists of cocktails that would be great for a summer get together.  I have a list of ideas, which contains a bunch of sangria recipes.  Do you have any suggestions for summer cocktails?  Any favorites?

I also have a list of finger food that I would like to make.  I want people to be able to eat the food while standing and mingling.  I'm trying to avoid any food the needs utensils or both hands.  But I still want people to have a meal.  So the food list is a work in progress.  Any suggestions on food?  I'd love to hear what works best or what you love seeing at a party.

So that's what I have so far.  It's not a lot, but I still have two and half months to plan.  I feel if I start planning some of it now, it will seem less stressful when August finally rolls around.  What do you think?  Am I crazy for staring this early?

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