Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 2013 Goals

Well another month has ended and another is beginning.  This is the last month of our summer before J goes back to class.  So it's crunch time.  Time to buckle down and get crap done.  So what are our plans?

1. Get the Plans for the Deck Approved

We have the plans all drawn out and an estimate on what it's going to cost.  We have a mock up of what it's going to look like in the backyard and we've had the utility company come out and mark lines.  So we're ready to go.  Now we just need to get down to the city office and get a permit.  Luckily, the permit can be issued same day, so we can start ASAP.   

2. Build Deck

Once we get the permit, the obvious thing is to get the deck built.  I'm hoping that we can get it finished in a couple weekends.  Hopefully once the inspector comes out and okays our post holes, we'll be on our way.  

3.  Fix Garage Door

This was on the list for last month and we didn't get it done.  So hopefully we'll make some time to fix this bad boy.  Then maybe it won't make a noise like the gates of hell are being opened up every time we open the garage door.  

4.  Paint Coffee Table

This was a goal for last month that I also didn't get finished.  But I'm hoping to get this bad boy knocked out this month.

5.  Put up Shelves in Studio

I would like to add some additional shelving to my studio so I have more room to work.  I'm hoping to get that room more organized this month.

6.  Pick Out a House Color

We would like to get the house painted this year still, but we have to pick out a color first.  So if we get the color picked out this month, we'll be happy.

So that is what we have planned for this month.  What is everyone else working on?


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