Monday, August 5, 2013

July 2013 Goal Accomplishments

1. Paint the sun porch
Done and done.  Okay not 100%, but 95% done.  The outside door, patio door, and back door all need to be painted, but other then that, it's done.  Now it's time to decorate.  YAY! 

2.  Call Diggers Hotline
Done!  I called and they came out next day to mark the lines.  

3.  Clean out the little play house
Sorta done.  J has done a really great job of cleaning this out and getting rid of quite a few car parts.  Now to just finish and get this bad boy taken down.

4.  Draw up deck plans
Done!  We have the plans all cut up and even approved by J's dad.  Now we need to make that appointment for the city to approve them.  Then it's deck building time.  

5.  Cut up large logs
 They are cut up and sitting next to the little house.  I'm hoping that when the city comes to cut down the trees in the neighbor's yard, I can ask them to take the tree logs with them. 

6.  Fix the down spouts
All the down spouts around our home are about 2-3 feet off the ground.  We need to lengthen them so the reach the ground.  Right now if you aren't paying attention, you will run into them with your knees.  We also would like to put the ends that fold up, so it is easier to mow under them.  This will hopefully be an easy fix that we can knock out in a weekend.  

7.  Fix the garage door
Our garage door makes the most god awful noise when you open or close it.  J needs to realign it because it was not installed properly.  

8.  Find out about gas line for garage
J would like to install a garage heater before winter this year, but this requires a gas line to be run to the garage.  Hopefully after they come out and mark the gas line, we can call heating places and get some quotes.

9.  Finish coffee table
I would like to finish the paint on our coffee table.  I stained it last year, but would like to paint the legs a lighter color this year.  I'm hoping that this will be a simple afternoon project.  

So that's what we accomplished last month.  Not everything, but a good start.  What did everyone else accomplish this last month?


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