Thursday, September 5, 2013

Approved and ready to go

So after the holes were dug (13 holes that were 4 feet deep by 18 inches wide), we had to call the inspector so he could come out and measure.

This process took about 5 minutes I think.  I'm not sure because I didn't even know he stopped by.  I went downstairs to throw in a load of laundry and when I came back up, there was an approval tag in the yard.  So that's good I guess.

My next step was to call Menards and set up a delivery date.  We had purchased the materials mid August, so that was the easy part.  I just called and asked them to deliver as soon as they could, which was this past Saturday morning.

We got these two stacks of lumber delivered at 6:45 am on Saturday.  I felt bad because I was worried we woke up our neighbors, but they assured me they didn't even notice.  Side note - J wanted me to point out that this picture doesn't represent everything that came, we had already moved some of the stuff before I took this picture.

And then we got started on the deck, but you'll have to stop back to see all the progress we made this past "holiday" weekend.

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