Monday, September 23, 2013

Deck Building - Day Four and Five

Oh my, I let a whole week go by without a deck update.  Well, we really didn't get a lot of work done last week.  It rained almost everyday and last Thursday it rained so hard parts of Madison flooded.
Here is a photo from the local new channel showing flooding near campus.  It was crazy the amount of rain we got.  Especially after weeks and weeks without any.  We were lucky, we didn't get the 60+ mph winds and hail.  You can click on the photo above to go to the news story if you're interested.

The rain also brought on allergy attack after allergy attack.  I was miserable and actually worked from home one day last week.  It wasn't pretty.

So deck work wasn't really one the agenda.  It had to take a back seat for the week, but this past weekend we got a lot done.  I would say we got 98% of the decking on.

J's parents came over again to help us get this project finished up.  It was my MIL's birthday, so we went out for breakfast at around 8:00, then got to work on the deck at around 9:30.  The work only stopped for birthday pie.  I made an Dutch apply pie the day, I love fall.

And this is what the deck looks like right now.

Okay, so that's not the best photo of the deck.  As you can see we still need to add the front boards, that will hopefully be done this week.

We also need to trim the edges, as seen above.  But these are two things that shouldn't take much time.  But since I said that, they will probably the most trouble.

But you can walk on it and the table it back up there, so if we wanted to we could sit and eat out there.  I'm going to try and get a few more pictures of it, but because of the size, it's hard to photograph the whole thing.

And if you noticed in the photo, there are no visible screws.  I'll go over the method we used in my next blog post.  So stay tuned.

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