Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 2013 Goal Accomplishments

So this past month has been a busy here.  We've worked had to get a bunch of things done before this semester started.  This is going to be a very intense semester for J, so we knew we were not going to have time to work on that many projects this fall/winter.

1. Get the Plans for the Deck Approved

Done, Deck plans approved.  We got down to the city about 15 minutes before they closed, but we made it.  And we left with the permit to get going on the deck. 

2. Build Deck

Okay, so this was a little ambitious of us.  Did we really think this would be one goal.  This was split up into many goals.  One was to get the holes dug, check.  Get first approval, check.  Get lumber, check.  Pour concrete, check.  And now we're currently in the process of building the deck.  But we did get about 50% of it built before the end of the month. :-)

3.  Fix Garage Door

This didn't happen, we were too preoccupied by the deck build.

4.  Paint Coffee Table

I didn't get this done either.  I wanted to get it done before J started school, but that didn't happen.  Hopefully I'll be able to get it done this first week of September.

5.  Put up Shelves in Studio

Done!  I got a bunch of shelves up in my studio and now have a place to put most of my things.  But this room is far from finished.

6.  Pick Out a House Color

Done! We decided on a house color.  We were actually going to start painting last week, but it was in the high 90s here with humidity at 100%.  That is not quite ideal painting weather.  But we have the paint picked out, we just need to pick it up and start that project.  Hopefully in the next month or so.

7.  Paint the sun room door

We have been looking at a primed sun room door since we moved in.  It wasn't that big of deal before, but now that we sit out there all the time, it was annoying.  So I sat down and painted that bad boy bright white.  It looks so much prettier.

8.  Get rid of old couch/move bar/find new couch

This one was a few different goals.  We sold our old couch to some friends.  It was a really nice couch, but we just didn't have a place to put it.  We then moved the bar to much nicer area.  It's the perfect little nook.  And finally we found a small couch that would fit in the basement.  We haven't bought it, but we did find one.  Maybe that will be a goal for next month ;-)

So we didn't get everything done, but we did get some extra stuff finished.  So I guess that's good.  The deck is progressing along and we should have it finished by next weekend (fingers crossed).  For the rest of the year we are going to be focusing on cleaning up the clutter in the house. You know, getting rid of all that stuff that got hidden away when we moved in.  That is something that we can accomplish while J's studying away.  I also think I'll be working on my photoshop classes more, I've been pretty bad about finishing those.

So what was everyone else up to this past month?  Did you accomplish all your goals you set or did you make new ones?

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