Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Thrift Store Finds!

Well I was at it again.  I stopped by a few thrift store the other day.  I had too, I did!  I had to find a vintage piece to use in my upcoming blog beading project.  SOOOO I had to go.  And I'm always on the lookout for some furniture.  The perfect dining room table would be great.

I did not find the perfect table, but I did find a pair of awesome vintage earrings as well a crap ton of vintage buttons.  And of course I found a bunch of stuff for the house. 
Look at how neat this looks!
First off is this awesome little box thing.  We're guessing it's to check film negatives, but we're not sure.  I haven't done a lot or research on it yet.  It has a magnifying glass on the top and a little light (that works) inside.  It's going to make an awesome addition to our living room.  It's so fun and quirky, I love it.

We also picked up one of those long candle holders for on top of the entertainment center.  It was only FOUR BUCKS.  So for now it will be the perfect addition to the room.  I really should go get some candles for that thing.
Our other finds were some silver candle holder things and this awesome trivet.  It's gonna look awesome on the wall.  I know it. 

J also picked up a brand new pair of snow boarding pants for $6.50 and a whole bag full of t-shirts.  We plan on using some of them to make pillows for the family room (translation = man room).

I just love trifting.  And the best part is spring is finally here, which means, GARAGE SALES.  If you can't tell, I can't wait.  I have picked up some fantastic furniture as well as great vintage jewelry form garage and estate sales.  Oh so much fun!!!!

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