Friday, April 1, 2011

My Thirft Store Finds

I did my first bit of thirfting since we've moved into the new house and I got a small, yet fantastic bounty.  I love thrift stores, so many things that sometimes surprise you.  And it feels good to give these items that would have been tossed a new life as well as help out a charity while you're at it.
All you little guys need is a bath!!!

First up is this set of fantastic candle holders.  Here is a before picture of what they looked like when I found them.  As you can see they needed a little TLC, but they were very heavy and a great shape.  I mean look at how much potential these little guys have.
Not perfect, but getting there

And here they are after a little bit of cleaning.  Look at those babies shine.  So pretty!!  I'm not done cleaning them up, this is just after a quick cleaning.  Just think of how perfect they will look on our lovely dining room table, sparkling in the light.  And you want to know what I paid? I paid $4 for the pair.  FOUR dollars for two beautiful candle holders.  You can't pass that up.   
Aren't you a cute little guy
Then I picked up this little square mirror.  I thought it was cute and it was only $2, so I couldn't go wrong.  This is after I painted it yesterday.  It was pretty beat up when I found it.  But now it's a cute black mirror. I think I might add a little decorative ribbon or something to dress it up a bit, but that's a future project. 
Look at how cute this is (there are four cup, you just can't see one of them)

And one of my favorite finds of the day.  This adorable little red sake set.  It's so cute and in perfect shape.  You know it was one of those things that someone bought or got as a gift and then it sat in a box until they donated it.  And then I came along and snatched that little set right up.  It was in the original box and there isn't a crack in sight.  And take a guess on what I paid for this set, go ahead, guess. Okay I'll tell you, $1.99.  Yup, I paid two bucks for this whole set.  Awesome.  I love it and we'll actually use it.  We love sake and always have some in the house.  I can't wait to have some friends or family over to share some sake or green tea in these little cups.

I also picked up three small picture frames for my gallery wall.  That's coming along nicely, but I'm not quite ready to reveal it, so you'll just have to wait a bit.  I need to do some more thrifting and shopping to find other things to add to the wall.

In all I spent a little over $15 at the thrift store.  Not too bad for what I picked up.  Now lets just hope my next visit is as fruitful. 
And just because it made me a little sad, here is what our front lawn looks like. Yup, that's snow, snow on April 1st.  That's some April Fools Day.  But tomorrow is supposed to be 50º, so I guess I can't be too sad. Oh how you gotta love the Midwest!!!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

The sake set is beautiful! You scored some great finds!

Anonymous said...

What great finds! And kudo's on the candle holders...they really cleaned up nice :)

Love thrift stores :)

Three Fates said...

Thanks guys. I've always loved thrift stores. There's just something about them that are so fantastic.