Monday, April 4, 2011

Yay, garden time!!

So, I'm sitting here on the couch feeling like crap.  And I can thank J for that.  I have the black plague of death that everyone here in Madison seems to have right now.  And from the looks of J and all our friends, it's not going away anytime soon.  Great.  That means projects are put on hold for a while.  I mean, I'm still in my pajamas and it's 3:30 in the afternoon.  Not like a lot is going to get done.  Well, I am getting a little bit of beading done here and there, when it doesn't feel like my head is going to explode.  But no house related items.  Booooo.

But spring has started to sprout up here and there.  And I believe it's supposed to be 61˚ by Wednesday.  That's fantastic.  I'm done with winter and done with the cold weather.   It was even warm enough over the weekend to open up the door to the porch and let the animals out there.  They loved it. 

And I'm really getting excited to start my garden.  Now because Toonces will eat anything that even slightly resembles a plant (and then barf it all over everything), I an unable to start seedling anywhere in the house.  So I always have to buy my plants, well as plants.  Which isn't that bad, it's just a little bit more expensive.

And because we have a house now, I can really branch out and start a real garden.  To hell with contain gardening.  I'm joking, it's a really great way to garden, I've just ready for a full on garden.

So what are my plans.  First we have to do raised gardens.  There is so much wildlife around here, they are the only option if we want anything to harvest.  And then J and I have to agree on a location.  I keep telling him I need to plant where the sun will be, he seems to think the back of the yard will be fine.  We'll see when the neighbor's trees get leaves.  Then we'll see who wins this argument.
Pepper plant from last year
 And what will I plant you ask?  Well probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.  I'm going to do my staples; tomatoes (roma and heirloom), green peppers, jalapenos, onions (red and green), and fresh herbs (basil, oregano, cilantro, chives).

Picture from Jung's website
I would like to add lettuce.  I think I'm going to go with the Kaleidoscope mix from the local seed company, Jung.  They are located in J's home town and always have a wonderful assortment of plants to pick from.  I mean look at that beautiful picture of lettuces.  And these seeds start direct, so no seedlings in the house for Tonnces to help herself.  I can't wait for this.  I love all kinds of lettuce, and this mix looks so good.
Picture from Jung's website
 I would also like to try broccoli.  This broccoli above is a hybrid that is supposed to be supper easy to grow.  I've never tried to grow broccoli before, so I guess I better start with the easiest one.

I wanted to try cucumbers too, but I'm not sure if we're gong to have any room this year (or time).  I would also like to throw some spinach in the mix and a lot more herbs. 

I love to garden.  I grew up with a large garden, so I can't wait to start my own.  There is nothing like fresh vegetables, especially one's you grew yourself.  So stay tuned, as soon as the weather starts to get just a little bit better, we'll be starting my garden.  WooHoo. 

Do any of you have any gardening plans this spring?       


Anonymous said...

I am actually not sure what my gardening plans are this year. Sure, the usual flower beds, but my veggie garden has me stumped. I go to NC to visit Mom for a few weeks every summer...guess what explodes while I am gone and is usually rotten when I come back? My veggies. So this year, I will still do tomatoes (they won't ripen until I get back), but I think I will do mostly root veggies...beets, potatoes, etc. I still want to do my peas, but my garden has to dry up a bit so I can till it...seeds need to go in by next week! I'll still to jalepenos for my son and I think I will use the rest of the garden for cukes. Maybe i should start going to NC in the winter!

Brenda said...

I hope you're feeling better! So far, we have green beans and zucchini planted in our garden. My dad gave us some summer squash seed to plant - leftover from the ones he planted, so we'll probably plant those next.

Three Fates said...

Sounds fantastic. I think we might add green beans and snow peas to the list as well. I love gardening.