Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Kitchen Update

Good god, am I ever going to be done with the kitchen updates. Someday.

So I showed you a picture of our kitchen the other day and today I'll show you some of the other little things we've done.

We took out the shelves out on the side of the cabinets and plan on putting in a bookshelf for all my cook books.  We're about half done with it.  Right now Nacho thinks it's a little cat shelf.

We put up this ridiculous pantry.  It's not permanent, it's just until we get our built in one made.  Then it's going to go in the garage or basement.  But it beats keeping our food in a box.

This cabinet needs to be repaired and the door put back on.  Right now you can see our plastic glass collection.  We need to hide that stuff away.

We put up my wonderful pan rack.  Swoon.  And now I can look at my pretty pans all the time.  Even though I'm coking so much that this rack is usually empty.

And then this is the little counter/stand/shelves thing that J built.  He made this all on his own without plans.  I love it.  Right now I have old cabinet doors on top, but we're going to get a counter top that matches the rest of the kitchen.  And Yoda loves to hang out on her blankie in the sun.

So that's some of the stuff we've been working in.  It seems like we have so much to do still, but the big stuff is out of the way.  Hopefully the smaller stuff will be easy peasy!


Rose said...

You have gotten so much done! I hope that some of the smaller projects do go more quickly.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Your kitchen is really looking good! When you finish the bookshelves are you gonna build a replacement cat shelf for Nacho?