Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Appliances

The other night we went and looked at new appliances.  Now we weren't seriously looking, we just happen to be there and decided to take a peak at what they had.

We already know which brand we're looking at and even which line we want (maybe).  But we've been going back and forth to where to put the fridge and what kind we want. 

I would love a French door fridge, but I know they are kinda pricey and I've heard that they can have problems with the ice dispensers.  But look at that baby.  She's a beaut ain't she.  She's a Frigidaire Gallery.  She's smudge proof stainless steel.  And she's on sale (yes, she's a she), for a fantastic price.  But I've heard they can have problems with the ice makers. So do we roll the dice and take the chance of getting a fridge that the ice dispenser that might not work?  I'd be pretty sad (and angry) if I had to have ice trays.  I don't know.  We'll have to talk about it a little more.

We were just going to go with the side by side, because that's what we have now, but I love the room in this girl.  And did I mention she's beautiful.  The only complaint I've found is the ice maker, and I've read that almost all french door fridges have that problem.  So maybe we'll just go with a side by side.  I think we might go up to the appliance store this week sometime to look again and maybe ask some questions and get some more detailed answers. 

Then after a lengthy decision about a refrigerator, we'll have to make the same decisions over a dishwasher and a stove (the new one's going to be gas, there is no question about that).  But we need that dishwasher soon.  I feel ours might be on it's last leg.  Oh god, all these decisions are making me crazy.  But the sooner we decide on what we want, the sooner we can cross that off our list of things to do, YAY!  :-)      

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