Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Update

Unfortunately I don't have a whole bunch to update on house progress.  This weekend was full of yard work.  You know all that yard work you do before winter comes.  We raked the leaves (for the third time), cleaned the gutters, put all the flower pots away, planted garlic, put the snow tires on the cars, etc, etc.  And J did homework all day on Saturday.  So we didn't get too much done. 

Oh I did frost the bathroom window finally.  Now everyone that drives by can't see into our bathroom.  So I did get a project done. :-) 

Exhausted Kitty
But the good news is that next weekend we might actually get some stuff done.  J's uncle might come out and help us with re-plumbing our laundry room.  And the best part about his uncle coming to help, is he has a pickup truck, a big pickup truck.  So we can make one run to Menards and pick up all the stuff we couldn't fit into our car.  That means I can start the headboard, and put up the bead board in the kitchen, and we can finish drywalling the studio, and, well you get the point.

Now hopefully I will have the time to get some of these projects done.  I have a custom order for 10 beaded bookmarks that need to be done by mid December.  Oh my.  So I will probably be working on that for the next few weeks and the other projects will have to wait.  But at least I'll have the materials.  Now lets just hope I'm not too exhausted with this order and the upcoming holidays to be able to get house things done.  :-) 

Once our bedroom and the kitchen are done we can focus other rooms in the house.  Like the extra bedroom that has bright blue and purple walls (a teenager lived in this room previous) and the bathroom.  

So this is the list of things we would like to accomplish before the new year.  It's sort of long and probably won't all get done, but we're hoping to knock out as many of these things as possible.  Wish us luck.  

List of Things We Want to Accomplish Before The End of the Year
  • Fix bathroom faucet
  • Re-plumb the laundry room
  • Install new fancy utility sink
  • Paint laundry room
  • Put in floor in laundry room
  • Finish putting up trim in the kitchen
  • Patch wall and ceiling in kitchen
  • Finish the bookcase in kitchen
  • Finish the cabinets in kitchen
  • Move refrigerator
  • Build/buy pantry
  • Make roman shades for bedroom
  • Make headboard

*My spell check wasn't working, and I'm terrible with spelling, so if you see any mistakes, kindly ignore them. :-)

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