Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Career Change???

So the painting in the living room has been put on hold for a little while.  We had a few areas that were in need of patches when we moved in.  One was an old outlet box.  There was no wiring in the box, just a cover over it.  So we took the box out and patched the hole.  Why look at an ugly cover when you can just patch it? 

We picked up a patch kit at the local hardware store (just down the road from us, how fantastic is that).  J's dad gave us the basics on how to use it and we now have a patched hole.  This picture is before I've sanded, so it's a little rough, but pretty impressive.  I think I'll only need to put one more layer on and sand it a bit and this wall will be ready to prime and paint.  Hell yeah, I can't wait to get the red paint up on the walls.  That's gonna be awesome.  Then we'll need to pick up a dining room table at some point, but we already have arts for this part of the room.  So that's something.  And anyway, I'm more excited about my ability to do home improvement crap, maybe I should consider a career change.

Then we have the large patch work.  We took out a half wall when we moved in to open up the living room.  Well we had to patch the large hole in the wall that this created, so here is how it looks as of right now.  I know, I'm pretty damn awesome at this stuff.  And yes, I did all the mudding, not J.  Though he did tell me that he would do the last layer so that he could say he had to fix my mess and finish it up.  Well here is the proof that I'm more awesome then him.  Okay, so he did install that great new switch, that was hanging out of the wall when I took the picture (well I had to mud around it, what else was I going to do).

We still have the hole in the floor to deal with (you can see a little bit of it at the bottom of the picture).  But I seem to be a little bit more picky when it comes to tile then I thought I would be.  As of right now we're just stepping over it and trying to avoid it.  Hopefully I'll find something I like soon.

So I'm really going to try and get the last coat of mud up on the walls tonight while J and his band mates work on the studio downstairs.  My plan is to finish painting this weekend because I really want to cross the living room off my list.  God knows I have a shit ton more painting to do in the rest of the house.  Damn, this whole owning a house thing can get exhausting at times ;-)

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