Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wendesday - Yoda at 9 days old, she was so tiny!!


And for the not so wordless part of today's post!

We go Yoda one of these comfort halters this past weekend. The vet recomended one since Yoda gets irritation and infections from her other halter rubbing her little arm pits.  Yes, my dog gets pit infections and need special arm pit only baths with special arm pit soap (we tell her it's because she has stinky pits).  So, what, doesn't every dog need this?!?!?!  That's not weird at all.  Stop judging!      

Anyway, her new halter is probably the funniest thing in the world.  She looks like she's got a little pink tank top on.  I can't wait to get some pictures to share with you.  It really is adorable (even if J said he refuses to take her for a walk wearing it).  

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Maitri said...

Ohhhhhhhh, that precious baby. Yoda makes me want to snuggle and kiss the living daylights out of her. Please give her lots of love from me and my puggy babies...