Monday, February 7, 2011

Paint Colors!

I received a message the other day requesting my room colors and where I got my paint.  And I realized that I don't know if I ever came out and told everyone what colors I went with.  Sorry about that.

Our living room ceilings were just painted using a generic flat white ceiling paint that we picked up at Sherwin Williams.  It was actually two different colors that we just mixed together.  It was so much brighter in the room as soon as we did this.

Then our walls are painted in the absolutely wonderful color of Latte.  I'm in love with this color.  It's so warm and welcoming.  It works so well with the white trim and dark furniture as well as our deep rich red wall (in my mind it does).  J wanted to go lighter for the walls, much, much lighter.  But, with the help of our friend at Sherwin Williams, we talked him out of it.  I wanted walls that were brown, not just off white.  But he's happy he listened to me.

And our red wall is Salute.  We primed this wall with a gray primer to make the red stand out better and so we didn't have to put a billion coats on the wall.  It's pretty important to prime your walls, especially if you're doing a bold dark color.  I don't like the paint and primer combos, I just don't think they cover like they say. 

Our bedroom was painted in Meander Blue.  Oh how I love this color.  It's so soothing and pretty.  It's one of my all time favorite colors.  I love spending time in the bedroom.  And our black and white decor goes so well with this blue.  I'm working on the trim right now, so as soon as that room is completed, I'll get some pics up.  

All of our paint is the Cashmere paint from Sherwin Williams.  It was so nice to use and went up really well.  The odor was pretty low; we didn't even notice it when I did the living room.  It took us two coats of paint, but I always suggest at least two coats of paint.  That way you're coverage will be as even as possible.  Also I don't trust those one coat paints.  They don't really work in my eyes.

The red was the Durability paint from Sherwin Williams.  We haven't put the red up yet, but I'll do an update on that and how easy or hard it was to do the red.  I'm hoping with the primer and quality of paint, we'll be able to accomplish the look we're going for in two-three coats.

We got all of our wall paint from Sherwin Williams.  We are really happy with the paint from there and if you hit up on of their sales, you can get a pretty good deal on the paint.  I also feel that if you have questions, a real paint store is the best to go too.  The big box stores are better on price, but I just don't feel like they know as much as the paint stores.  But the decision is up to you where you get your paint.  There are a lot of good brands out there.


Lynne said...

Thanks! I love all of your color choices! I'm starting to get the itch to paint a few rooms in my house. I've been living with the colors of the previous owner and am starting to feel the energy to make it my own. Everyone likes the walls now, except me, but I know I would be happier with the change. I love the latte color you chose, I did that in a previous house and it was always one of my favorites.
Your house is really coming along and looking more and more beautiful!

The Budget Diet said...

My living room is painted latte, and it's a wonderful color!

Three Fates said...

Thanks. Painting walls is such a liberating thing. Who knew something so easy could change something so much and make it so much more your own. There is just something about painting over the previous owners colors, even if they are nice. And I have to agree with everyone, Latte is a fantastic color. I'm loving it!!!