Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Upset With Myself!

So yesterday was a snow day. J and I both stayed home from work.  The metro system was shut down and most roads were closed.  The city was urging everyone to stay home and not drive unless they absolutely had too.  And we did just that.  J had to work (from home) all day, but I got a true day off (I can't do lab work at home, or could I?).

I had all these plans to get stuff done.  I wanted to put up the blinds in the living room so that we could have a little bit of privacy.  Not that I don't like our neighbors, but I just would like a little bit of alone time.  I also wanted to get the trim in the bedroom started, at least the primer.  You might remember the awful photoshop job I did of what I would like our bedroom to look like, well maybe you don't, if not, here's a reminder.  All the woodwork in the bedroom is going to be painted white.  My plan was to get this all finished by the weekend.  Then all we would have had to do was make a headboard, make a bed skirt, make some roman shades, and put up some art.  Then the bedroom would be finished.  But did I do any of this?  NO.

I also wanted to get the next layer of joint compound on our drywall in the entry way.  That way I could have it all done and this weekend I'd be able to paint the last wall in the living room.  Then I could start to tackle the woodwork in there.  I'd like to get the woodwork painted before we move the very large custom entertainment center into the room.  But again, did I do this?  NO, I didn't even get one layer on there.

I was just super lazy all day.  I mean I got some housework done, but nothing I wouldn't have done if I would have gone to work.  J hooked up the projector in the living room and I watched Netflix all day.  I am so disappointed with myself.  A free day, and I did nothing.  Blah.  J told me that sometimes I need to take a day like that, a day where I'm not running around like a crazy doing nine million things.  But I still feel like I should have accomplished something.  Maybe he's right, maybe I needed a break.  Well now hopefully I'll be back to my productive self now that I had a full day to rest and I'll have some new progress pictures soon ;-)

And just because I'm not above self promotion.  You can enter to win a bead embroidered brooch on my other blog.  This little heart brooch is all hand embroidered using tiny little beads in different shades of pink, red, and white.  It's very cute and would look cute on a coat lapel or even a bag.  Check out my other blog for complete rules.  Hurry this giveaway ends February 11th at midnight (central).  Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 12th.  Good luck.

And also if you live in the Madison area and are looking for something to do tonight, check out the Great Dane.  J's band is playing there tonight with two other bands.  Stop on down and say hi, I'll be there enjoying a beer and some nachos.  It's sure to be a fun night filled with loud, rowdy music.        

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