Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is that Art I see?

So I mentioned earlier (yesterday) that I actually did get a lot of house stuff done this weekend.  It's not quite warm enough here in WI to do yard work, so we're still plugging away at crap inside the house.  But boy does are yard need some attention.  I can't wait for it to be warm enough to start my garden and plant some flowers.  As well as replace the doors, redo the front steps, okay, that's enough, you get the picture.  There's a lot of outside projects on our list.

But back to this last weekend.  So I have slowly but surely started decorating.  It's still a little difficult to do because we don't have all of our furniture, but I had to start or I'd go crazy.  Big blank barren walls just staring at me, begging me to dress them up a bit.  So I did.

A few weeks ago when we went to Hobby Lobby for the first time (it's seriously 5 min away from our house) J found a little bird stencil he really liked.  So we bought it not really knowing what we were going to do with it. I mean I hadn't really stenciled anything since I was a kid.  But we thought maybe we'd think of a use for it later.     

And of course we did!  We stopped by JoAnn's and picked up some nice heavy scrap booking paper on sale.  Five pieces for $1, that's awesome.  We picked out a few different ones that matched our living room and dining room.  Two of the pieces have sparkles, guess which one of use picked those out (I'll give you a hint, it was me).

Then we swung by Micheal's and picked up some frames (those were 40% off).  We got two matching ones for our homemade art project and two others that were only $4!!!!  And of course I picked up some pre-cut mat board, luckily as of right now I can use the pre-cut stuff.

Fast forward to when we got home.  I used some of my free sample of black paint (thank you velspar) and some drywall primer for this project.  I lightly stenciled each little bird; one on the red and one on the cream.  Threw them each in their frames and hung those suckers up.     

Now you may have noticed that one of the pictures looks like it's missing the glass and well it is.  I may or may not have broken it while I was putting the frame together.  It sucks, but luckily it's a standard size glass, so I'll just have to pick up a new piece the next time I'm at Micheal's.

But look at them, aren't they cute?  I'm loving them.  They were so cute and so cheap and easy to make.  The most expensive part were the frames (at $15 ea), and I'm sure I could have found some at a thrift store for a lot cheaper.  This isn't where they will be staying because that cabinet will be taken down soon, but for now they add a nice touch to an otherwise blank space.

And before I go I'll share with you the dining room table I'm in love with. It's clean and modern, but not overly modern, and it's small.  And I love how beautiful the chairs are.  I have been looking at dining room tables and my biggest problem is the chair design.  I want something modern, not curvy and ornate.  But I don't want something too modern or cheap looking.  So these beautiful chairs are pretty much what I had in mind.  And J seems to be down with it as well.  Plus the price is super nice, $396 on  You can't beat that (and it only has great reviews, so I know it's well made).  Now I just have to get this baby ordered.  It's gonna look so nice in our dining room.            
You will look so nice in my dining room!!!

Stop by tomorrow to see my thrift store finds this week. Oh I was so excited to with my what I got.  I got a pretty good deal if you ask me.  

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