Friday, February 17, 2012

My Pretty

We finally finished up the headboard we started a month or so ago.  I know, this was supposed to be a afternoon project, but was pushed off for a while.  The actual wood sat in our bedroom uncovered for about a month.  Hey, you know how it is, sometimes you just loose steam.

But we gathered our strength and finished it up.  And I love it.  we picked up the fabric at Joann's.  It was a custom fabric that someone must have decided they didn't want, so we snatched it up.  And thanks to a 50% off coupon, it was only around $20.

Then we had to decide on buttons.  Have you priced buttons?  Holly crap some of them are expensive.  And yes, both me and J stood in the button isle trying to find a button that would work best with our fabric.  I'm a lucky girl to have a guy that is interested in decorating the house.  He always tells me that he has to live there too, so he might as well like the things I'm doing.  But back to the buttons.  We couldn't find any we liked, so I just bought a few button kits (also on sale) and used some black fabric I already had.  And in about a half hour I had a pile of custom made buttons.  It really is an easy process.

Then we glued 1 in foam to the board, wrapped that with batting, and then wrapped all of that with fabric, stapling everything as we went.  Then was the fun process of adding the buttons.  J did this, I couldn't believe he wanted to do this, but this girl wasn't going to complain.  He used two very long needles to add buttons to each predrilled hole.

Then we added small buttons to the back to help hold the knots.  And then I pulled and knotted each button with a square knot.  J helped by pushing the buttons from the front to make it easier for me to tie.

We then attached it to the bed with bolts, luckily we had a bed that was headboard ready.  We've discussed also attaching it to the wall using a large picture frame hanger, but we think it will be fine just attached to the bed.     
On a side note, I will be buying some of these hangers for the large picture frame that's going up above the bed. I don't need a huge frame falling on me while I'm sleeping. Not my idea of fun. Now just to get the mat board cut, and we'll be good to go with that.

Then these cute little lights that we picked up at Ikea are going next to the headboard.  We decided to go with sconces because it made the most sense.  We hare doing shelves next to the bed instead of night stands because we have under bed storage and tables just wouldn't work.  And we don't want our small shelves overwhelmed by lamps, so sconces were the way to go.  

We've gone back and forth about painting them ORB or leaving them shiny.  We think we're going to leave them for now because we like the feel, but we'll see if they stay that way.

So that's one project done. And then a million other things that need to be done. Oh the fun never ends :-)


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Happy Friday everyone!!

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