Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dealing with Clutter

We are currently dealing with what I feel a lot of people deal with.  The big bad clutter bug.  It's difficult to keep clutter and messes under control when you're not remodeling, but I feel it seems damn near impossible to do it while you are remodeling.  We have tools all over the house, mail piled up on the dining room table, a 4x8 piece of plywood leaning up the sofa, and multiple piles of boxes that need to be gone through and gotten rid of.  How do some people keep their sanity while remodeling?  Some days I'm so overwhelmed by the mess that I loose all motivation to do any work on the house.  But I know it will be better once we finish up the living room and kitchen.  I hope.

I've been looking for interesting ways to organize things like mail.  Right now it gets piled up on the table and it stays there.  I open mine and toss it, but J's mail gets opened and then piled back on the table.  The problem is we don't really have a lot of room to put an organizer by the door.  And J doesn't feel it should be by the back door because our mail slot is out front.  Me, I don't think it's that big of deal to just pick up the mail and put it somewhere away from the slot.  I mean really.

But I'm trying to find something that will make us both happy.  I just want the mess gone.  Then I'll move on to his school crap everywhere.

On to more fun and lighter news, I finally ordered my stove.  Well not finally, we just bought the fridge and dishwasher a month and half ago.  But I've hated our current stove since we moved in, so it feels like it's been ages that I've been cooking on a inferior stove.

This is what we will be picking up on Saturday, a new 5 burner Kenmore stove.  Oh look at her, she's so pretty and from what I read will cook and bake like a mother.  I can't wait to be able to bake three trays of cookies at once.  I can finish up a batch of cookies in one round.  Hell yeah.  My dream stove.

Okay my dream stove actually looks like this....

But lets be honest I will never ever own anything like this.  But could you imagine having a stove like that.  I don't know what I would do, probably never leave the kitchen.  Okay, back to reality.  Our new stove will be picked up on Saturday and J's uncle will be taking all the old appliances with him.  By-by white appliances, hello dream kitchen.    

So how do some of you deal with clutter around the house, especially mail?  I'd love to know what other people do.  


Rose said...

Your new stove will be awesome! My best advice with the clutter is to straighten up on a daily basis. If nothing else, I go through the mail and clean up the kitchen, master bedroom, and my desk area every day to keep things from piling up. I also put away craft supplies after I finish projects.

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