Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The School Year Has Started and Boy Can You Tell

So J's classes have started again.  That means most things are coming to a screeching halt.  Everything takes a back seat this time of year, and that's okay.  Getting your masters is hard work.  I'd rather he takes the time to do homework and study then help me paint the bathroom.

So most of the stuff we're working on is going pretty slow.  But that's okay, small projects are still moving around (like our headboard).  And I'm working on cleaning the mess that is my studio.  I'm hoping to get out the paint soon.

I'm also working on working on projects and recipes I've pinned on Pinterest.

Like these granola bars.  J loves granola bars and takes one to work almost everyday.  Which sounds good in theory.  But he loves the chewy ones, the ones that have as many (if not more) calories then a candy bar.  So I found a great no bake recipe on Pinterest.  I added some chocolate chips and butterscotch chips I had left over from my Scotcharoos, but the basic ingredients are so much better then the store bought ones.  Now they aren't as healthy as say carrots, but they are better for you then candy.  If your interested the recipe is here, via Pinterest.

And speaking of delicious food, have you tried this wonderful stuff?

It's Finnish squeaky cheese, Leipäjuusto. It's amazing. We warm it up on a skillet before eating it, and boy is it amazing. The UW Dairy Department makes it fresh on campus, so when we need a treat, I'll stop by Babcock and pick some up. You can find it in some grocery stores (of course you can find it here in WI because we love our cheese).  If you haven't tried it, I suggest you go out and find some.  It's so yummy.

I also have been slowly collecting more canisters for the kitchen.

I picked up this set (there is a third one not pictured) the other day at the thrift store.  I got all three for under $5.  How fantastic is that?  And they work great to hold rice and quinoa.  Now we just need to get that open shelving up so I can display all my cute new canisters.  Maybe in the spring.

Now to go get my butt going on that studio of mine.      

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Rose said...

I will check out the granola bar recipe! I would love to start making our own granola bars.

I have that exact set of canisters that you just picked up and love them. I've had mine for over 5 years.