Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bedroom Art - Stage Two

I promised to share with you how I hung our huge 22x28 frame above our bed.  Because we didn't want a very large picture falling on us in the middle of the night we decided to get a beefy hanger.

We went up to Menards (I'm sure any home improvement store would carry these) and picked up this hanging kit.

It comes with everything thing you need except a drill/electric screwdriver.  And it's a simple easy way to secure the larger of your wall art.

Here is everything in the kit.  A wall bracket, a frame bracket, a little tiny level, and self screwing self anchoring screws.  Convenient.

The first thing I did was screw the frame bracket into the frame.  I used the top of the frame to make sure it was straight.  I started with the center hole, then the two farthest ones, then the ones between those.  Though the screws are sell screwing, they did take a little bit of pressure to get them started, but overall were really easy to use.

I then added the little level to the wall bracket.  Love that this comes with it.  So much easier the trying to hold a level, drill, and bracket.

Then I screwed the wall bracket in the same way as the frame one.  You put the center one in first then level it and screw in the outermost screws.  It was pretty easy, even for a clutz like me.  Okay, so I dropped every single screw behind the headboard, but if you're a normal person, this will be one of the easiest projects you've every undertaken.

And there it is, lovely.  Sorry for the glare, it was difficult to get a good picture without it.  Now we just need to put up the two smaller ones and we'll be done with art in the bedroom for a while.  And that means we can put up our sconces and get rid of the floor lamp on my side of the bed (which makes it difficult for me to pull out my under bed drawer).  Yay for super simple projects!

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