Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The beginning of the end....

It's the beginning of the end for our old back splash.  The "blue cheese" looking tile is getting the boot.  I mean look at it.  It's seen better days.  It's cracked, the grout is falling out, and it's very 1990s. 

We're sick of looking at it and we want it gone.  It's the only thing in our kitchen that looks out of place (except for the stove).

Here is what we're replacing it with.  A lovely glass and slate mixture.  I'm in love.  I can't wait to start working on this project.   I love that the slate is all different textures and colors.  It's so pretty. 

We have to wait for J's dad to be free because he owns the tile saw.  And J has admitted that he's nervous about putting this tile up.  So we mutually agreed that we'll blame his dad for any broken tiles, hehehehe.  Just kidding.

It is difficult to find information on cutting this kind of tile.  There doesn't seem to be any one answer.  Some say tile saw with diamond blade, some say glass nippers, some say tile nippers.  We're just going to go for it and see what works best.

We did pick up this special mosaic and glass tile mortar.  It's ultra white, so the glass tiles look bright and beautiful.  Now we just have to pick out a grout.  Unfortunately we can't use any of the grout we already own because you need an unsanded grout.  So off to the store to pick up a third kind of grout.  

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Karen said...

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. My husband installed ceramic tile for 30 years. We just recently stopped selling ceramic tile in our floor covering store. I love what you chose.