Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Small Things

Well this last weekend was not a very productive one.  We have been recovering from the cold that has been going around and then my cold progressed in laryngitis.  Which I'm sure was just aggravated more by the fact that we went to see a few bands on Friday night and then ran the sound for a party on Saturday (by this I mean I was there while the boys did everything).  But all is good, I'm just resting by voice as much as possible and getting plenty of fluids.

We did pick up a nice counsel table for the living room.  Our plan is to build one that fits the space better, as well as a matching one for behind the sofa, but with J back in class, that won't be happening until summer.  So this little guy will do until then.  (Sorry for the night pictures, I don't see a lot of that thing people call sunlight during the winter here in WI.)

I think it's cute.  It allows us to put an extra lamp in the living room, which was needed.  And now I have a little more room to decorate.  Yay!

We also replaced the glass shades on our lights over the dining room table.  Well we did this a while back, but I just never got around to sharing a picture.

I also picked up some putty for the kitchen. This is actually the second container, we guessed wrong on the first one. Now I just need to convince myself to patch all the little nail holes in the woodwork. I need to patch all the little nails on this guy, my new bookshelf. I got the trim all stained and painted the inside dark brown (it looks just like the stain). I'm so excited about it. Now I just need to find the rest of my cook books.

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