Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kitchen Reveal #2

So I, like many others, am trying to loose some of that holiday weight I put on.  I banished sweets and sugary treats from the house for a while.  I just don't need them tempting me right now.  I mean we were able to finish off a whole angel food cake in just 2 days.  Then on my first day back to work what do I find on my desk?  A box of fudge brownies left by one of the product reps.  What the hell?  I'm trying to loose weight here, I don't need a box of brownies tempting me to just have a taste.  That taste will turn into eating the whole box.  I have no self control some days.  And it's not like I can share with our grad student, she doesn't like chocolate (I know, what's up with that.  I don't trust a person that doesn't like chocolate).  So I guess I'll just have to eat those brownies myself.  Lets just hope I can eat only one a day.

But now lets get to today's kitchen reveal.  I mean that's what you came here for, not to listen to my rant about being given free brownies (who complains about that).

When we took out this cabinet to open up the space we were left with a large hole in our cabinets.  And it's been that way since we took this cabinet down.  now I'm all for open shelving, I actually love it and plan on using it in other parts of the kitchen, but I wasn't a fan of everyone being able to see into the cabinet where we have all of our plastic cups and travel coffee mugs.  Not what I want to display.

See, not exactly the stuff you want everyone to see.  I could just hear the conversation now; "Oh, I see you have a nice collection of Jimmy John cups and is that a Happy Wok one?  Nice."  Ugh.  Certain things need to be behind closed doors.

But look at it now.  Wowee Wow Wow.  Looks nice (okay, the picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea). We used two solid oak boards to patch the hole, this was easier and a little cheaper to do. Then I stained them using my trusted Walnut gel stain and a nice protective layer of Polyacrilic.

Then back up with the door and two little pictures I picked up at the thrift store (with a quick coat of ORB). You can see the color difference in this picture, but in person you can't even tell we added it. It looks great and hides away our less pretty kitchen items. In Love.

It's just these little projects that really make the kitchen look finished. I'm so happy with the progress we made. Now don't forget to swing by later and see some of the other projects we finished up.

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