Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bath Time

Okay, so this isn't a picture of the curtain I made for our bedroom closet. Truth be told, I didn't remember I needed to take pictures of it until it was dark out. I know, what was I thinking. So my goal for tonight is to take pictures of it tonight. But no promises because we're heading down to the terrace for drinks after work. ;-) But I thought this was a cute picture and I'm hoping it holds you over until I get another project posted.

Yoda doesn't get a bath in the kitchen sink anymore, but she sure looks cute in there. She actually gets a bath once a week in our new laundry tube. It's the perfect size for a pint size pug.  And as you can tell by the worried look on her face (even though it's a blurry picture), she is not a huge fan of bath time.

And if you're in the Madison area, the terrace is a beautiful spot to check out and enjoy the view of the lake.  

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