Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Can Cook Again

So that there is a working stove.  And boy am I happy that it is working.  Going a little over a week without one was killing me.  I had to be creative in what we ate, and well lets just say there was a lot of take out this past week.

The HVAC guy came out Monday afternoon and installed the valve on the gas line (thank god we had one run already).  It took him about 30 minutes and that included him going and getting the correct sized valve.  I was going to get some action shots, but before I knew it, the stove was installed.  In about a half an hour we had a fully functioning stove.   

And I cooked us a full meal Monday night and it was extremely enjoyable.  I also will say that I've never cooked a meal so fast.  I used the convection oven to roast a head of garlic and then make garlic cheese bread.  I made some red sauce and then some delish cheese ravioli.  It was a wonderful meal to test out our newest addition to the family.  I'm in love.   

J has already asked me if I was going to start treating the stove like a child.  Probably, not.  Okay, I probably will, but I mean cooking makes me so happy and having a stove like this puts me over the moon.

And if you turn to the right you'll see a fridge with a working water and ice dispenser.  Yup, we finally moved the water line this past weekend.  It's so nice.  We have ice and water at the push of a button again.  Which we both agree, makes us drink a lot more water.  Yay!

And I've started staining the open shelves, so hopefully by the end of the week we'll have those up and ready to go.  I can't believe that the kitchen is almost "done".

Lets take a look at what we've accomplished.

  1. Take down upper cabinet
  2. Take down built in China hutch
  3. Take down breakfast bar
  4. Stain cabinets
  5. Install new door pulls
  6. Paint inside of cabinets
  7. Paint walls
  8. Remake small shelves
  9. Put up open shelves
  10. Take down backsplash
  11. Put up new tile
  12. Install new flooring.  
  13. Get new appliances
  14. Install new lights
  15. Paint Trim
  16. Rerun water line
  17. Move fridge
  18. Build/buy counter by stove
  19. Build/buy counter by fridge
  20. Install recessed lighting
  21. Put up bamboo blinds
  22. Open up wall
  23. Build fridge surround
  24. Install crown molding
  25. Paint ceiling
We've accomplished a lot so far.  It's always interesting to look at pictures of when we first started.  It looks so different, and well, weird.  But we are extremely happy with what we've done.  Yay for doing it yourself.

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Karen said...

Have you tried the griddle on your new stove? Hubby made pancakes yesterday. Yummy!