Friday, March 9, 2012

A walk down kitchen memory lane

So I was just thinking that I haven't shared any pictures of the kitchen's progress for a while.  I mean, I've shared pictures of this and that, but not an overall picture.

Lets get started on our little walk.

Here is the kitchen before we moved in.  This picture was actually taken during our home inspections (that's the inspector behind the cabinets).  We loved the house, but knew the first thing we would be working on would be this kitchen.  It had so much potential, it just needed someone to come help it out a bit.

So first things first, we painted.  But we knew that we wouldn't be able to live with the kitchen like this for long.  I man look and how closed off it is.  What's the good in having a fairly open concept house when you have cabinets in the way.   We even tried to dress up the cabinets with pictures, but it didn't work.

So we took out the cabinet, opened up the wall about a foot and a half, ripped out the old floor, and started staining the cabinets.  It already is a vast improvement.  Look at how open and wonderful this is.

And here we are at the end of summer.  Not fully done, but looking a hell of a lot better.  I love the dark cabinets, which admittedly, I didn't think I would.

And at the beginning of fall we had added the pan rack, some more counter space, and started the bookcase.  By this time, about 90% of the staining had been finished.  We just had a couple of areas to finish up.

And at the end of December we were here.  The beadboard was stained and up around the lower cabinet.  That gets so many compliments when people walk in.  It's because beadboard is awesome.  We changed out the lights, though these are temporary, we plan on putting can lights in later this year.

And hear we are at the end of February.  We have the new appliances installed, the cabinet next to the stove installed, all of the cabinets are stained, and the trim is painted.  So we only have to install the backplash and put up the open shelves and we're done for now.  Then we're taking a much needed break from the kitchen to focus on other, smaller projects. 

So that is what we've accomplished in a little over a year.  Not bad for two people that work full time and both have a ton of extra curricular activities.  I have to thank everyone that has helped us out.  We wouldn't be here without the help of family members and friends.


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Take care and have an enjoyable weekend.      

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Rose said...

You have come such a long way with your kitchen! It looks great. I bet that you're really enjoying the new appliances.