Friday, August 3, 2012

August Goals

I cannot believe it's August already.  Where did the summer go?  I guess when you're busy, busy, busy, you don't even notice the time slipping by.  But fall will be here soon and the kids will be in school; that means students on campus again.

So what do we have planned for August?  Well if I didn't mention it about a hundred times already, we have our housewarming party.  Which means as much of the little stuff as possible needs to be finished up in the next 3 weeks.  Oh my, this is gonna be interesting

1.) Make the vanity and install the sink
      ~ Since our sink finally came in last week, we need to make the vanity, get it stained, and get it installed.  You know, little stuff.  ;-)

2.) Finish up the new coffee table
       ~ This is a actual simple one.  I just have to apply three coats of polyacrylic and I'll be done.  Okay, I have to sand between coats, but still, not too hard.  And if we don't get around to painting the legs, it's okay, because I stained them.

3.) Caulk the tile in the kitchen
       ~ This should have been done months ago.  You know, back when we finished installing the tile.  Unfortunately, it was not.  We have to get this done.  No excuses. 

4.) Fix the upstairs shower
       ~ This is an extremely important item.  We have to figure out a way to fix the tub problem and then install the surround stuff.  Haven't completely figured out how we're gonna do this, but we'll think of something, hopefully.

5.) Install all the trim in the bathroom
       ~ Well, honestly, we have to install the trim in almost all of the house.  But the bathroom is the most important.  That's what holds the non-glue vinyl in place, so it's more than just decorative.

6.) Pain the Sunroom
       ~ This one is an optional one.  I would love to get the sunroom cleaned up and painted, but if need be, we can put this one off for a while.

7.) Install the new garbage disposal
       ~  This was an unexpected one.  But sometimes things like this happen and your old garbage disposal wants to break and you need a new one.  Hopefully it will be as easy as the box says.

8.) Plan and throw a housewarming party
       ~ This one will, hopefully, be fairly fun.  I love planning parties and I love having them, so I think we'll be okay.  I'm just hoping (okay, we're both hoping) that I don't start freaking out because we haven't accomplished everything.  This happens sometimes, thank you OCD. :(

That's a lot.  But, I'm going to stay positive and believe we can at least take a large chunk out of that list.  I mean look at what we accomplished last month.  As of right now, I'm doing good, let's see what I look like in a week or two.

What are you're plans for August?  Do you have a vacation planned?  Or our you getting ready for school?

Here's a picture of Toonces in a bag.  Hope it brightened your day a bit!

Have a good weekend and as always stay creative my friends.

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