Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We're almost there

Like I promised yesterday, I have new bathroom pictures for everyone.  We worked our butt off, but now it's about 90% finished, and boy is it lookin' pretty.  Our real estate agent was speechless this past weekend when I showed if off.  He was actually speechless. He was absolutely floored by the work we've done on the house, all of if by ourselves (with the help of family and friends).  It made us feel so proud.

But lets get to some pictures.  If you don't remember what our bathroom looked like when we started here's a reminder.

It looked like it belonged up in cabin in the north woods.  Not exactly our style.  So with a couple of months of work and a lot of hard work we have this.....

Not bad, right?  So everything is finished except for the tub.  That needs a little bit of work still, but overall, we're finished.  We had so many lovely comments from our family and friends.  My one coworker said that she would be happy living in our bathroom.  Now I don't know if it's that nice, but I'm enjoying it.

So lets break this thing down a bit.

The old vanity, sink, shelf unit, mirror, and lights went to the ReStore so hopefully someone else could use them and make them their own.   Less waste for the landfill, which makes us happy. 

Unfortunately the toilet was not salvageable.  That had to go to the curb, but maybe someone picked it up to make something else with it, you never know.  And that lovely wood seat was literally falling apart, so I was pretty happy when that went.  

The old floor was ripped up and and the new floor was placed right over the original floor.   We used a glueless vinyl flooring that was pretty easy to install (after a template of our bathroom was made).

The paneling got a good dose of bright white paint and the walls got a lovely grey color.  This instantly modernized the room.  God I love grey paint.

The new vanity lights were a little DIY project.  Since we were going for a kinda of industrial/farm look, we picked up some vapor tight lights from Menards.  These are the ones you see in factories and barns.  We then picked up a mirrored vanity light from the ReStore.  And after combing the two.  This is what we have.  We got a ton of comments on these as well.  And the best part about it; the bathroom is super bright now.  Perfect for getting ready in the morning.  

Then the vanity was made from scratch.  We didn't buy plans, just sketched something up and gave it the ol' collage try.  If people are interested, I can make up some plans for how we constructed it.

The huge mirror was also a ReStore purchase.  We didn't just want a builders grade mirror in there after all the work we did, so we added some trim to "sexy it up" as J says.   The second we added it, the bathroom looked two times the size.  It was amazing.

The faucets were our splurge, and I'm in love with them.  Everyone thought they were the coolest thing ever.

Then the extras, towel bar and hooks, came from Goodwill and the Restore respectively.  The art was another DIY project so that the walls wouldn't look so bare.  I'm still up in the air about how it turned out, but it will work for now.

So that's a quick overview of everything we updated in the bathroom.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I'm so glad we updated the bath.  Now I'm hoping we can have a lot more parties, because I love to entertain.  And I think we have a house that is worthy of entertaining.

Have you done any major renovations lately?  Isn't it just the most fulfilling feeling ever when it's done?    


Karen said...

I love it! You are so talented to be able to visualize this and then make it come to fruition. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's amazing! And I'd say you sure did sexy it up a bit!! Loving the color palette- so modern! Great job!!!