Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Update!

We're still plugging away at the bathroom redo.  We only have eight more days before our party, so we're down to crunch time.  But I think we'll be fine.  Things seems to be wrapping up nicely.

In other news, my garden has really started to get crazy.  I don't know if it's just happy the 100 degree weather has passed or that wet stuff that falls from the sky has come back, I think they call it rain.

My tomato plants are so big they have grown up over the cages and the fence and then all the way back to the ground.  That means they are roughly four to five feet tall.  And they are covered in tomatoes.  I've already had a few of the super sweet cherry tomatoes, and boy are they good. 

I also have two chili plants that won't stop producing peppers, so I've made some infused oil with that.  Yum!  The green pepper plants are finally budding and will hopefully have some nice large green peppers soon.

And that crazy stevia plant is about three feet tall now.  If you haven't tasted a leaf off a stevia plant, let me suggest it too you.  It's so strange.  It's a huge shock to taste the extreme sweetness.

I just can't believe these plants, and the best part, I started them all from seeds.  I know, right.  This was the first year I attempted to start from seed, and look at how crazy they are.  I guess that gives me a little more confidence for next year.  

My herbs are also going crazy.  I have cut back the basil at least five times this year, which means I have a freezer full of pesto and basil leaves.  And they just keep growing, but I'm not complaining. 

The mint is behaving just like mint behaves, taking over everything.  I've cut back that plant so many times, but you would never know it.  I've even propagated two new plants from the cuttings.  It was very easy.  I just cut some of the mint, stuck it in water until roots appeared (about a week) and then planted them.  So now I have three crazy mint plants.  But that's okay, they smell fantastic and they look really nice, so I'll let them be as crazy as they want to be.

So that's a little update on the plants.  I'm still sad I lost most of my cold weather plants, but I've started some late lettuce and some snow peas, so with any luck I'll at least have one harvest of both.

How are all of you gardens doing?  Hopefully they made it through the tough weather.  I've learned a lot this year and can't wait to apply that to next years planting and harvest.  I'm hoping to get better at this whole gardening thing with practice.

Take care and stay creative.  


Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! How nice that you've already done so much with your harvest. Infused oil sounds lovely:) You're making me want to start from seed next year. I bought seedlings at the farmers market, but there's something so special about raising a little plant from seed:)

BeadedTail said...

Your garden looks great! Your 100 degree weather came our way but hopefully it'll be gone by Saturday. :)