Friday, June 21, 2013

Garden Update - June 2013

So I wanted to update everyone on how the garden was looking one month in, but then this happened this morning.

It poured and poured and poured.  I felt so bad for our neighbors, they are having a garage sale today.

These pictures were taken at 10:00 this morning, and it's that dark out.  Then after the heavy stuff fell, a lite drizzle stuck around for a few hours more.  Yuck.  But I guess it's better then last years drought.

Luckily the sun has now decided to come out and I was able to sneak outside and get some updated photos of the garden.  If you don't remember what the plants looked like a month ago, click HERE to see.

Here are the broccoli and kohlrabi.  Just a month ago they were little sprouts, now they are about 6-8 inches high.

Here are the snow peas. These babies are by far the best looking plants in my garden.  They are huge.  Those bamboo steaks are about three feet high to give you an idea of how big these babies are.

Here are the onions, as well as some lettuce.  I spilled a bunch of lettuce seeds accidentally and low and behold, they popped up among the onions.

And speaking of lettuce, here is the rest of my green leaf lettuce.  The taller stuff is the first harvest and the smaller stuff is the second.  You can continually grow lettuce all summer, so I try to plant a few rows every few weeks.  That way we will have fresh lettuce all summer.  *The copper is to keep the slugs away, I've had one hell of a time with the slugs this year.*

My basil plant is looking great.  I've actually cut it back two or three times already.  I think I might need to cut it back again.  Remember, the more you cut back, the fuller the plant will be.

My tomatoes and peppers are looking good.  The juliet tomatoes are growing like a weed and are covered in buds.

My lemon boys and black krims have tomatoes already.  I've never grown these varieties before, so I was surprised to have tomatoes already.

I have a pepper growing as well.  These are suposed to be green bell peppers, but I think I might have mislabeled them, because they sure don't look like any bell pepper I've grown before.  Mystery peppers!!!

My carrots are looking good.  I can't wait to try these.  I planted two very cool varieties this year.  I really need to mulch this last bed.  It's on the list for this weekend.

My parsley is taking over like every year.  This plant is about four years old.  I planted it while we were still in our old apartment.  It made the move with us and keeps coming back.

Then there is the chocolate mint.  It's such a great fragrant plant.  I just cut it back yesterday, so it looks a little on the sad side, but give it a couple days and it will be twice the size.  I'm propagating some mint for friends.  It's really easy to do, I'll show you guys how next week.

And last, but not least, I give you a cucumber sprout.  I have had to replant my zucchini and cucumbers three times now because the slugs have just devoured them.  I tried every homemade remedy I could find and nothing worked, a sprout would come up and the slugs would eat it.  So I finally gave in and went and got some commercial slug pellets and that solved the problem.  So now I'm hoping this last crop will sprout and produce wonderful cucumbers and zucchini.  

So that is what the garden looks like a month after it's been planted.  I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  It sometimes can be hard work, but it's total worth it.  Check back next month to see where everything is at three months.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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