Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Open Houses - House One

So today we decided to start our house hunt.  Well actually we've been looking on line for a while now, but we decided to make this whole house hunting thing real and we actually went to some open houses.  Now we're far from ready to buy a house, J doesn't even start his new job until October, but we're ready to start looking.  And it would be nice to find something before winter set in. 

So here is house one.....

This house was nice.  2-3 bedrooms (depending what you use the extra room in the basement for) and one bath.  It's close to the highway, so it would be the really convenient for J.  Look that's J in the picture. 

But the layout wasn't the best.  For as much square footage, it seemed cramped.  It also had a bathroom that would have to, have to, have to be redone.  The bathtub was one of those tiny little ones and the toilet was crammed into a little corner, making it hard to even reach.  Luckily there was a closet that could be taken out and the bathroom made bigger.  So it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

This house was a split level, which we normally like.  The garage was under the house and only a one car, but was doable.  There was a nice deck off the dining room, but the house was on such a large hill, that there were a large number of stairs to get to the upper, main, level of the house.  Which would be nearly impossible for Yoda, she's just too little for something like that.  And J also pointed out that we would be lugging everything up stairs all the time.  We've done that, it was okay, but a pain in the butt.  I would prefer we not have that again. 

So other then the bathroom, there really isn't a lot of work that would need to be done.  Just some painting and maybe new hardware on the kitchen cabinets.  The house had a lot of closet space but not a lot of room for a garden.  The neighborhood seemed to be really nice and there were no sidewalks to shovel.  But it did have landscaping that we would probably pull out next summer and redo.  And it needed a front walk put in, it just had some not so level patio stones. 

Overall it was a nice house.  Probably not the house for us, but a nice house.  We're just looking for something a little different.  So we'll keep on looking.

Tomorrow I'll show you the second house we looked at today. 

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