Monday, September 13, 2010

First Open Houses - House Two

So today I'll show you house number two.  This was a really nice house, an estate sale, so priced to sell.  I think this was my favorite for the day.  It was a nice layout and had a lot of what we were looking for.

First off it was a corner lot.  We would love a corner lot.  That's a huge plus on our list.  It also had a two car garage, which is another huge plus on our list.

The house has only had a couple owners, and the last ones had been there for over 25 years, and it was in really good shape.  The yard was kept up nice and the house seemed to be fairly sound.

The living room was great, nice and open.  Oh and did I mention, hard wood floors throughout the whole house.  Beautiful, original hardwood floors. They wouldn't even need to refinished, they were beautiful as is.  I was in love with them.

The bathroom again would need a little bit of work, but it was good size, so it wouldn't be hard.  It definitely needed a face lift, it has a steel blue toilet in it.  But it did have tile in the bath tub that looked like mother of pearl.  Even if it wasn't real, it was pretty and I would want to keep it and use it for a future project.

The kitchen was where the major updating would have to take place.  It had all original appliances, all built in.  So that would mean all the appliances would need have to be replaced as well as the faux brick walls.  Unfortunately some of the cabinets would have to come out because the stove was so small, I don't think they even make them that small any more.

But the real jewel of this kitchen was this beautiful stainless steel exhaust hood.  It was in fantastic shape (well all the appliances were in fantastic shape, just old).  I fell in love with this.  I want it, I wanted to leave my number and let the person that does buy the house know that I would be interested in it if they were going to rip it out.  I would be heart broken to see this baby go to the dump.  The picture doesn't even do it justice, it was beautiful.       

The bedrooms were nice sizes and had a decent amount of closet space.  And the windows were old, but looked nice and sealed nice.

The best part of the house was the finished basement.  It had a built in bar and a half bath.  It also had a nice laundry room and a work room.  Something that we are looking for, a nice finished basement.

The yard was nice.  It was good size for a corner lot.  This was the side yard.  It was already fenced in, so that would be less of a priority, even though I would eventually like a privacy fence.  It already had a large garden, so I know for a fact there would be room for my plants as well as my compost pile, water barrels, etc,etc.  And still plenty of room for Yoda to run around, and maybe a second dog, hint, hint boy.

Over all we liked this house.  The majority of the work would be in the kitchen and some paint.  It had a lot of dated built in features, circa 70s, but we could either take them out or work them into our decor.  This is kinda of a house we would be looking for.  A well built, well maintained ranch style house on a corner lot with a finished basement and a two car garage.  We are in now huge hurry to find a house and move, so luckily we can take our time finding something that will be perfect.  Too bad we weren't more ready to buy, we would have probably put an offer in on it. 

Tomorrow will be house number three that we looked at.   

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