Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paint Colors - Bedroom

I know I'm getting ahead of myself here by picking out paint colors for our house, you know that house that we haven't even bought yet.  But I have been living in apartment after apartment that were anti painting the walls.  I miss having paint on the walls, I don't want white walls anymore.  Ok, I'll stop throwing the tantrum and just get on with the colors we have picked so far. 

We have a black and white bedroom and I really love it, I love our bedding and I have some great ideas for art.  I would like to use these prints from Steven N. Meyer.  I really love them and I think they would go great with our bedroom.  I mean look at this beautiful Eucalyptus plant.  It would look so nice.  I want to do that whole collage of smaller pictures in individual frames.  I love how that looks.  Just think prints like that one in black frames with white matting, oh it just sounds great.

Print by Steven N. Meyers

And what color will the walls be you ask?  Well maybe you don't but too bad you're gonna find out.  I would like Cooled Blue or maybe Sky Blue.  Wouldn't a light blue look great in a black and white bedroom?  I know our black and white bedding will look great with those colors.

And the best thing is J has agreed to this color.  I didn't even have to convince him.  I just showed him some of the prints I want to use on the color I want to use and he said yes.  That was a lot easier then expected.  Now I just have to convince him accent walls are a good idea.

And now I can go to garage sales and pick up some side tables and maybe update the hardware on the current dresser.  Yay!!!

And sorry, I'm having problems with blogger's picture uploader and link adding thing right now.  I can't add a link to the print above, if you are interested in it here's the link.  I know it's annoying to cut and paste, but right now I can't add a built in link.

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