Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I guess I'm suffering from a mid-week slump.  I know it's Thursday already and then it will be Friday, but I'm still just feeling, blah.  We have been busy every single night since J has gotten back from training.  But not with fun stuff, just with normal everyday activities.  You know; grocery shopping, cleaning, dealing with the neighbors and now the landlords need to talk to us.  What the heck?  I just want a day where I can sit down and relax, or at least do something I will actually have fun doing.

See, right now we live in a tiny, tiny little town that doesn't have a grocery store or a pharmacy.  It has an outlet mall because it's right on the main highway between Madison and Milwaukee, but no grocery store.  Yes, I can buy a Coach bag, but not milk.  And yes we have plenty of gas stations, 4 to be exact, and I can run there for milk, but those places are so over priced, it's ridiculous.  So every time I need to go get groceries, I need to run to one of the surrounding towns.  Blah. 

And don't even get me started on our neighbors.  We live in a side by side duplex on a privately owned road of duplexes.  When we moved in, it was so nice.  Our first year was pretty nice.  The apartment is smaller, but fine for us.  We have a yard and a deck and a basement and a garage, you know all the nice things that most people don't get when renting.  Then the neighbors moved in and everything went to crap.  I honestly can't stand living there anymore.  It's not just the neighbors, It's just a number of things that I can do with out.  I really can't wait to buy a house and move. 

We're also trying to figure out the right bus for me to take in the morning.  That's pretty interesting.  But hopefully we'll get that figured out soon.  And as long as J gives me about an hours head up of when he's going to leave work in the afternoon, I'm good on which bus I need to get on then. 

I'm just having an overload moment.  I'm sure with some rest this weekend, I'll be back to my old self, ready to take on the world.  And I better rest up, the real estate agent will be back from vacation next week.  We have three houses we would like to compare the blue house and then it's decision time; keep looking or put an offer in (I really think we're going to put an offer in).  So no craziness this weekend, just rest and relaxation.  Hey I just got an order of beads to play with, I have to get out of this slump so I can start to create.  :-)

Thank you for listening to me vent, I promise this won't happen very often.


Carol said...

go ahead and vent. some days are just too much and if you don't let it out you get sick, or stuck and can't create. Aren't you glad you have someone to talk to!

Three Fates said...

Thanks for listening Carol, and you're right, sometime you just need to vent. :-)